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2011年春/夏Men's Health Best Fashion Magazine

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'Best Fashion' is a special issue of Men's Health.

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Orlando Bloom

Charming, goodlooking, cool, likeable, super sucessful. And still smart, humble and dedicated.
Almost no other Hollywood-Star has such a good reputation. That's what the makers of BOSS Orange Man thought and hired Bloom as poster child for their new fragrance.
How to become successful and still stay down to earth, he tells in the Best Fashion Interview.

What have you dreamed of at the beginning of your career? Of an artists life or did you want to be a Hollywood-Star?

No, surely not. I somply enjoyed to go to the cinema and wanted to be in the movies. But I was also tempted by the theater, I worked there a lot. I never wanted to be a moviestar I just wanted to be an actor. The life I live to day I would have never imagined in my wildest dreames. I had no idea what comes up on me. It's really crazy.

Was there a moment were you knew 'Now I've made it'?

I've never believed that 'I've made it'. Shoot me if I ever believe that. Than I would be a true bore. Or death.

You are a successful actor in Blockbuster movies with big directors and collegues. Have you never really thought: 'Wow, isn't it great what I'm doing here'?

Ok, on this note already. It was magnificent to work with people like Ridley Scott and Cameron Crowe. But I never had the feeling I could rest on this. I audition for ever role. it isn't like Ridley Scott is calling and says: 'I want you and no one else for this part.'

Is ambition good for the work or is it blocking one?

It would be better to let the things come easily towards you. But in my job you have to have pretty ambitions because it is a brutal business. No matter how far you've come you'll always be pushed back.

How many conicidence is contained in success?

To be at the right time at the right place surely makes it easier. But then you have to take advantage of the chance - without taking yourself and the job to honest. But this applies not only for acting but also for other things in life. I mean what exactly is success? A mother who gives birth to a child and raises it up properly is super successful also, or? If you enjoy the things you do yourself than you can bring joy to others, too. Everyone can make decicions in life. And things do or simply let them be. Everyone is responsible of his own.

What motivates you?

I have a lot of fun in what I'm doing. I love my job. I like it to be creative and know that I have a lot of luck to be where I am. But we talk about success and I think it's a double-edged sword.

What do you mean?

Oh well, one should even think about what it really means to have success. Success isn't how others define it. It's about how satisfied you are with your life and if you are happy with it. That's what it's about and not what others think about you.

For this you need a lot of inner strength.

Yeh, right. It's dangerous when you just start to believe what other think about you.

Makes success sexy?

Self-confidence makes sexy. Who believes in himself radiates sexappeal. And self-confidence often leads to success also.

Is big success giving more freedom or is it limiting one?

Both. On a certain level sometimes intresting things happen. But it can also very limiting you. Especially then, when people have a certain picture of you and put you in a scheme.

Is it possible to be down to earth from a certain level of popularity or do you have friends who bring you down if necessary?

Oh yeah, absolutly. I have friends who i know since the age of 11. They tell me immediatly. My family is very reliable, too. And it helps if you know yourself very good.

Can one learn more from his mistakes than from his successes?

Absolute, at least that how it's for me. My three years at acting school were an only sequenze of failures and mistakes. I never think: That was great now but always: One could work on it.

You are an avowed Buddhist, is there even the term 'Success' in this relegion?

It's more about inner peace, silence, understanding. About awareness and wisedom which arises self-confidence again. But I'm not a buddhistic philosoph.

Now you're the face of a new fragrance

Normally I'm not the typ for fragrances. But I liked the idea for the campaign. She should catch a moment, impart a feeling of spontaineity. I thought that suits me.

Good marketing concept?

It didn't feel so fitted. When I think about perfum advertising, there's normally a model, that poses infront of the camera. At the shooting they told me: 'You simply should have a little fun'. It was really relaxed. The camera was on, my dog was there, I've played with the flacon and we had a nice chat.

Sounds like you made a great deal and had a lot of fun.

You can say so!

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Charming, goodlooking, cool, likeable, super sucessful. And still smart, humble and dedicated.
Almost no other Hollywood-Star has such a good reputation
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Charming, goodlooking, cool, likeable, super sucessful. And still smart, humble and dedicated.
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