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How do you keep your feet on the ground?
"I try not to take seriously the reputation and enjoy what I do. I'm not pretentious, I prefer to live day to day. "
It is the perfect man. Our partner Noelia Ramirez spent a day with Orlando Bloom and could prove it.

Orlando Bloom confesses exclusively how he feels before parenthood.

Orlando Bloom. A dad with essence.
Exclusively for Glamour, actor Orlando Bloom talks about his new life with Miranda Kerr, his near paternity and perfume Orange Boss Man, to which he provided his image.

With all three installments of Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings, he has managed to raise almost five billion dollars, a challenge for his next blockbuster, The Three Musketeers. But, in one on one, you can see that Orlando Bloom is pure spontaneity and naturalness, his voice slow and secure and very close to the deal.
Bloom visits Barcelona as the image of the new fragrance from Hugo Boss, Boss Orange Man. An express visit ( only 48 hours ), to the “coolest city in the world”, during which he took time to see the Sagrada Familia, ( “it’s incredible, the interiors are spectacular” ), eat tapas, walk around El Barrio del Born, and buy clothes for his baby.

What made you provide your image to a fragrance?
“The truth is that I never thought that I would represent a perfume, because I’m an actor and not a model. It’s good to take the job seriously, but I try to not take myself so. I try to enjoy what I do and with Boss Orange I got it. The fragrance is great, really fits me, it represents a spontaneous man, with free spirit and independent. A man who is not pretentious, and enjoys day by day.”

According to Boss Orange, they choose you because you’re passionate…
“Yes, of course I am very passionate, especially with the things I care about”

Then, what is the passion of your life?
“Mmm, I should think for a while. When I know, I’ll call you and I’ll tell you all ( laughter).”

Is Orlando Bloom a vain man?
“No. I never really had been much concerned about beauty rituals. My wife is the one that has taught me a little but I try not to give too much importance to this issue.”

What’s the fragrance that relive your memories?
“Freshly cut grass. It reminds me of my childhood summers in Kent.”

I will name some of your movies and I want you to tell me the first scent or sensation that comes into your mind, what do you think?
“Go on, I like this game.”


The Lord of the Rings.

Pirates of the Caribbean.

The Good Doctor.

Speaking about The Good Doctor, you created your own production firm, Viddywell Productions. What can you tell in advance?
“It’s the first time I did it, it was fun and instructive. I would love to do more things, but how is the economy actually, is a complicated moment. It’s a shame but we decided to find material to work with in the future.”

Does it mean to act less?
“I love acting. I am engaged in the process of creating characters and I cannot give it up. Now I also know that I love to produce, but I don’t think that it is time. With The Good Doctor, I worked in a more indie project, smaller. I participated in many movies of big budget, so I would like to devote me more at independent movies.”

Were you infected by the fever of technologies?
“I’m an old-fashioned type, I like the simple and easy, all very old school. With my Blackberry I send emails, but nothing else.”

But are you aware that there are My Space and Twitter accounts affirming that they are you?
“Really? (looks at his publicist and waits ): definitely, we will have to take care of this, because it’s not me!”(laughs)

The Hobbit, prequel of The Lord of the Rings, is already underway. What would you advise to the actors?
“It was an incredible and passionate experience, I could not explain it with words. I would say to the new actors to prepare themselves and be strong, because they will live the experience of their lives.”

Playing Hamlet is one of your dreams….
“Yes, although there are many characters to which giving life, and directors to work with. So, without much thought, I would tell you Alfonso Cuaròn, David Fincher, Clint Eastwood and Steven Spielberg.”

Would give the step to become a director?
Maybe someday. I have my ideas and my projects, so who knows.”

Boss Orange Man.
An optimistic touch.
Boss Orange Man of Hugo Boss is the “sister” fragrance of the feminine version to which Sienna Miller placed face. It stands on spontaneity and optimism, adjectives that define well Orlando Bloom, a super man dedicated to Buddhism, who has overcome dyslexia and several accidents, and faces life with great spirit and joy.
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Orlando Bloom too relaxed for red carpet
Written by: Cover Media | Posted in Celebrity News |

Orlando Bloom refuses to take himself too seriously.

The British heartthrob has cemented his status as one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, but has kept his feet firmly on the ground. Even though he has enjoyed fame and fortune and is married to supermodel Miranda Kerr, Orlando insists he does his best to remain out of the limelight. The 34-year-old loves his job, but wishes people would focus on his acting talents rather than his private life.

“I want to take work seriously, but don’t want to take myself seriously. There is work and then everything else in my life,” he told the British edition of Glamour magazine. “I enjoy filming and acting – the red carpet stuff, not so much. I think it’s dangerous if you start taking yourself too seriously.”

Orlando – who has appeared in franchises including The Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean – has revealed he still has to work hard to land movie parts. The star insists he must impress movie bosses in order to win roles because there are so many other gifted actors in the industry.

“I’ve pretty much auditioned for every part I ever got,” he added. “There are loads of talented guys out there and the competition is stiff. I think competition is a healthy thing.”
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