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As a neighbor boy
English home Orlando Bloom (33), postnatal named Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Bloom, is a great actor, philanthropist, collector of watches and now ambassador for the perfume ads of BOSS Orange Men. Mood met Orlando in Barcelona this autumn.
The fact that Orlando is a city known for getting through the Barcelona airport to the hotel. In particular, speaks to me come sohver first thing that I'm going for a walk Gothic Quarter eye on your purse for God's sake hold, and shall be upset. Imagine that, a colleague of his who just a few hours way back to the airport hotel. Does not represent. "As an actor, well! Orlando!" informs the man triumphantly.

I met Orlando the day after the presentation to the press of BOSS Orange perfume for men. BOSS Orange Eyan Allen's creative director says Orlando is the perfect choice for a new men's fragrance. "He is exactly the kind of guy, like those to whom it is intended BOSS Orange Men Perfume -cool, direct, joyful, like a neighbor boy. Perhaps a word - like a guy with whom anyone would like to hang out around! "
Indeed, Orlando arrives at the event, hands in his pocket, a scarf around his neck, head, welcomes all of the hand, one could not really understand that space is a movie star. He posed for pictures and then going calmly to eat sushi.
In the morning, interview with Orlando, along with colleagues from Sweden and Denmark, at Arts hotel. Orlando is still in a good mood, sprawl on the couch, and actually looks like “a guy with whom everyone could hang out around”.

What is fashion for you?
“It is fundamental to me, that fashion would be convenient. I think that when people wear clothes in which they self-identify. So to me the most important criterion is the ease of dressing. I must admit that I do not like to wear a suit and in particular, I feel a bit embarrassed. Of course, there are places and events where a suit is inevitable,but possible, I prefer casual clothing like jeans and jacket.”

You have a collections of watch, where you had this interest?
“My grandfather had a clock, which he admired a lot, I think that I get this from him, I watched his enthusiasm and I have been really interested since my childhood. In my mind clocks are like small pieces of art.”

Do you have some favourite brands?
“When I started to collect them, I liked them all, old, new and especially coloured. Later I began to wonder about the old and antique cloks. My favourite brand is currently Bremont, which is an English company. I like this company’s values and policies.”

So, are Rolex times behind us?
“No! I have several Rolex and I love them. Yes, I love all of my collections of watches.”

What type of art other than cinema fascinate you?
“Sculpture! I love making sculpture. I learned it as a child and it offers a real pleasure to me to create something with my hands”.

You're also known as a philanthropist.
“I started cooperation with UNICEF four years ago and I think they are doing great and admirable work. The things we take for granted today are luxury for many. Around the world there are places where women and children walk several miles a day to get water; places where drinking water is harmful to your health; places where children cannot go to school. If we can do something for these people, build schools, build water supplies, it will delight children and mothers, and this result is totally awesome to see. And worrying about the environment and caring is something that can live on the planet and our posterity. It is currently hot, and not without reason.
I think that people, whom it is possible, it is actually obliged to help others.”

How do you see yourself in the future?
“Family. Working .... and yes, I have the family, so family ( Orlando and his wife, supermodel Miranda Kerr’s firstborn child should be born in January ). I have it.”

Are you afraid of it?
“Not directly but I’m….WOW! all of the following can be totally different.”

What do you want to teach to your child?
“I think that….mmmmm…( I think this is probably a too personal question, Orlando’s agent shout from afar), Yeah, I guess is true, we are next! But an open mind is one which I would like him to teach”

Whether and how to identify ourselves with BOSS Orange Men perfume
“Completely, as it sits on the concept of me very well. I feel like I’m a free spirited person, I always want to be, and hopefully I am, an open man and be treated to everything and all that surrounds me, and who, free of prejudices.”

BOSS Orange perfumes are quite spicy. Do you consider yourself a spicy one?
“Yes, I think I’m spicy. I think that is an attack on me, though!”(Laughs)

What kind of perfume you're not yet used?
“In fact, I'm not too used the previously extremely perfume, honestly. This means that I do not have any special daily ritual, just wash up my face with water. But I’m going to wear BOSS Orange Men perfume. Definitely. Because it’s really like me, this is a character, although it is highly portable and fun. Cool!

Was the advertising clip for BOSS Orange perfume more a work or a pleasure for you?
“The clip, directed by Jonas Ackerlund, was really fun - we did not have any scenario, we just did it. I like filming in this cozy atmosphere and liberal attitudes, it fits great to my nature. I’m a guy who takes his work very seriously, but I do not take myself seriously, if you know what I mean.”

BOSS Orange campaign is in addition to another campaign for Japanese brand UNIQLO. Whether these companies represent your opinion and values?
“BOSS Orange is meant for real people, in comfort and style. Uniqlo is perhaps a little pretentious.”

BOSS Orange men perfume shows mush of life and happy moments. What or who makes you always happy?
“My friends and family, they are first. Relatives. My dog definitely. Being outside, hiking, swimming, being creative. Producing. Creative lead characters in the movie I make. Good food, good wine, and of course travel.”

Your favourite places?
“There are many. At the age of 19 I was in Mexico, it was a very colourful trip. I’m currently in Barcelona for the second time, and I think it’s very special, lovely city life, form every corner here you can find something unexpected and interesting. I think that Barcelona is one of the coolest city in the world.”

You’re a great actor.
“Thank you”

…and many people around the world admire you. Whom you admire?
“Whom I admire? Wow! I really admire Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Sean Penn. I admire so many people, really. Because the world has a lot of wonderful people I admire.”

You also played in several major movies with magnificent cast. If you could do something with the same group of people yet, then who would pick?
“Lord of the Rings” probably, because it was a great experience. This was my first big film, I was young and it was…it was like really wow! Amazing shots, amazing people around me, houses, cars and money in my pocket. It was just wonderful.”

You have no bad habits?
“I gnawed fir in the past and I'm actually pretty open and have not yet received” (??) (and, although not, it could be during the interview to make sure)

What movies do you like in your free time?
I liked a lot “Social network”, in my opinion director David Fincher did a great job. I will definitely recommend “127 Hours”, but you have to be strong to see it!”
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127 Hours我也比较纠结要不要看这部片子,我可不够strong
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AS  A  NEIGHBOR  BOY     邻家大男孩

原文刊载于2010年12月爱沙尼亚杂志《MOOD》,同年11月,奥兰多•布鲁姆于巴塞罗那准备出席Hugo Boss Orange系列香水广告发布会,期间接受媒体采访。

出生于英国的奥兰多•布鲁姆(33岁),全名是奥兰多•乔纳森•布兰查德•布鲁姆,是一位杰出的演员,同时也是一位慈善家,腕表收藏爱好者,目前正是Hugo Boss真橙释放系列男士香水广告代言人,负责《MOOD》杂志的记者在这个巴塞罗那的秋日见到了他。


我在Boss真橙释放系列男士香水的广告发布会结束后的第二天见到了奥兰多。Hugo Boss的创意总监兼香水广告制片人Eyan Allen谈到奥兰多是新推出的这款男士香氛最完美的代言人。“他就是那款型男,是那些中意于Boss真橙释放系列男士香水的那一类人——很酷,直率,饱含无拘无束的乐天精神。如果用一句话来总结的话或许是:那种无论任何人都乐意同他呆在一起的家伙。”




我的祖父曾有一枚钟爱的怀表,我想自己是从那里继承的爱好。童年时代的我眼见了他对此的热忱与沉迷,打那时起就被深深吸引住了。我最爱的腕表品牌是宝名(Bremont),源于英国本土 ,我喜欢它的设计理念和收藏价值。【注①】










这个广告是由Jonas Ackerlund导演的,他真的是个非常有趣的人,我们没有任何分镜剧本,就那么直接上了。我喜欢在这种舒适惬意的氛围和开明自由的工作环境里拍片子,这非常合乎我的天性。我个人对待工作的时候是很严肃的,但对待自己并非如此 ,如果你明白我的意思。






也许,是魔戒(Lord of the rings)吧,因为那真是无法忘怀的一段美好经历。那是我人生中第一部重量级的影片,那时我还很年轻而它是……它就像一个真正的传奇般的际遇。不可思议的拍摄历程,不可思议的人在我周围,房子、车子、金钱就这么一下子掉进我的口袋。那真的是非常美妙的事。


我很喜欢《社交网络》(The social network),导演大卫•芬奇非常出色。另外我还推荐《127小时》这部片子,但如果想要看的话估计你得坚强点。【注④】


《127小时》(127 Hours), 获得第83届奥斯卡金像奖(提名)
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